My name is Ofer Zelig and I’m a software developer, using various technologies over the web stack.

It’s very tricky to mention web stack, since that refrains from all the other great stuff of back-end development, services, APIs etc.

That’s why I came to like and embrace the term Full Stack Developer and that’s why this blog is called
It’s not just client. It’s not just server. It’s languages, architecture, frameworks, techniques and tools.

Coming to think about it, I also don’t consider myself a classic software developer (and I don’t think any of you do! but that’s the common misconception), since I like to see us developers as more than executors of PMs/customers’ wish lists, but rather experienced, opinionated people with common sense and solid understanding of UX, prioritization & MVP, what works best and what doesn’t. In this blog I’ll try to touch all of these.

This blog will try to cover various software/architecture topics, some more descriptive and some with more hands-on coding.

You are more than welcome to contact me via one of these channels, or just drop me an email to: ofer <at> or in the form below.

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